Write On! Young Writers get Published.

Congratulations to all of the young writers who have pieces selected for the latest edition of Write On. They come from our Saturday and Distance classes as well as from some schools we have worked with recently, including Waltham Primary, Oaklands, Avonside Girls’ High, Kaiapoi North, Medbury School, Cathedral Grammar, St Albans Primary, Paparoa Street School, Chisnallwood Intermediate, Cobham Intermediate, Patutahi School (from a Gisborne Aurora Education Foundation workshop) and Marshland School.

Winners in our recent Rhythm and Rhyme Poetry Competition.

Competition judge Gail Ingram commented that, in general, entrants worked hard to achieve rhyme but were less successful in creating rhythm. When rhyme dominates, the sense of the poetry is often diluted. The winners, however, have used both ingredients well – sometimes surprisingly.

Well done all winners! Your poems will appear in the Summer 2017-18 edition of Write On.

 Year 4-6 winners

Meg Spencer-Morgan “Road Patrol in the Rain” Cashmere Primary School, Christchurch

Ella-Grace Elliott “Missing” Big Rock Primary School, Dunedin

Lucy Walker “Tiger” Kaurilands School, Auckland

 Year 7-8 entries

Sarah-Kate Simons “The Cost” Home school, Southbridge

Isis Fynn “Society Rules” Glen Eden Intermediate, Auckland

Rebecca Yip “Someone Called” Pukekohe Intermediate, Auckland

 Year 9-11 entries

Gloria Dutiyabodhi “All the Same” Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton

Charlotte Lothian “Dining by the Lake “Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton

Ashley Baird “Leap” Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton




Young Writer of the Month — Matt Bool

Matt is in Year 7 and has been with The School for Young Writers for two and a half years, since  starting when he was nine.

All of Matt’s tutors comment on his enthusiasm and humour. We love the way he comes bounding in every Saturday morning, excited by the prospect of two hours of writing.

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Matt.

SFYW: When and how did you first discover your interest in writing?

Matt: I got interested in it because you can make anything happen just by using the pen. I became really interested in it when I found there was a place to write at and I’ve gotten much better at it.

SFYW: What keeps you motivated to write?

Matt: That once you’ve finished you could read it all to yourself or publish it for others. And you can write about anything.

SFYW: Do you have favourite ideas that you like to write about, or favourite forms of writing?

Matt: Yes, I like to write about made up characters the most, and about meat. I like writing stories or haiku.

SFYW: Besides writing what other interests do you have?

Matt: I really like drawing because I’m really good at it. I also like eating, and flips and tumbles. At flips and tumbles I’ve learned how to do forward flips, backflips, and other thing such as aerials.

SFYW: Anything else?

Matt: What I really like about The School for Young Writers is that you get to write what you want. And the teachers there give you lots of ideas to write about that you can change to your liking if you want. And you can get writing published in the magazine.

We look forward to reading more of Matt’s stories with made up characters, and meat!


A Secret Mission Accomplished!

The look on Glyn’s face as he came up the stairs to a room abuzz with past and present students, tutors, committee members and grateful parents and friends said it all. You all managed to keep his retirement party a secret!

Last week, Glyn, Fran and their extended family members were thanked for their service to The School for Young Writers over 24 years. Memories were shared and tributes read. A beautiful book of stories, poems and letters of thanks from those who could not make the party was presented, along with a special bottle and set of glasses.

Glyn established The School for Young Writers in a classroom at The Arts Centre of Christchurch in 1993. In the 24 years of Glyn’s leadership the school has grown to oversee six Saturday morning classes,  hundreds of workshops in schools across the country, holiday programmes, distance learning and teacher professional development opportunities, as well as the publication of ReDraft (now in its 17th year) and the Write On magazine.

At the end of 2017, Glyn is stepping down from his role as director with the knowledge that his creation is a thriving and vibrant organisation. Glyn’s expertise and dedication to young people’s writing and publication will be greatly missed. He will continue to edit and publish ReDraft from 2018 and his number will be on “fast dial” for whenever we need him. We’re just worried that he won’t hear the phone from the far end of the vegetable garden!

Long time chairperson and friend, Chris White, presents a tribute to Glyn and Fran
It was great to see past student AND past tutor Rachel managed to make it!  Her mum Sarah, a past committee member, was ready to support should baby decide to come on its due date after all!
A couple of the originals! Alan and Bob.
A beautiful book of writing for Glyn to get to reading… once he really has retired. 
Helen Hogan taught Glyn at high school and later Glyn published her poetry collections- a tribute to the teacher-pupil relationship.
A signed tee shirt from the early Writing Camps. A real who’s who of New Zealand writers who ran workshops!