ReDraft Success and WriteOn Deadline!

Here’s a High Five to our  Saturday writers, correspondence students, and past students who were selected as winners in the ReDraft  2017 Competition. They were up against the best teenage writers in New Zealand. To have so many pieces by students from The School for Young Writers selected for publication is testament to their talent and to the great work our tutors do.


Simon Brown (also winner of the title chase!), Duncan Matchett, Adelaide Perry, Elliott Hughes, Samantha Jory-Smart, Elizabeth Steel, Liam Kelly, Charlotte Boyle, Freddie Gormack-Smith, Azriel Taylor, Aimee Norrie, Gideon Chan, Xavier Dickason, Claudia Meads, Abby Mason, Gracie McKay-Simpson, Kate Twomey, Derrin Smith , Zoe Ambrose, Ella Somers, Finlay Langelaan and Tierney Reardon.

The last publishing opportunity for 2017 is Write On. Finished work can be handed in to your tutor or to Glyn. The deadline is November 11 with a little bit of leeway if you you type it up and email it to Glyn.


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