Pick a Path

Three classes, hundreds of stories! This is the potential of the Pick a Path story workshop guided by our wonderful Amy Paulussen during the Spring Into Writing workshops.

Collaboration at its finest, followed by individual development of the stories, leads to all sorts of possibilities. Here is the opening co-created by the Year 5/ 6 group.

You are in the forest, with your friend, looking for berries and roots. Mum will be so happy if you can find something, anything. Ella’s bow and arrows bounce against her back as she runs up the slope. She falls, screams and disappears. You chase after her and then stop dead in your tracks. Your mouth opens in shock. Is that a unicorn?

Ella turns quiet. She sees it too. “Is that a…?”

“Yeah, that’s awesome. I thought they were just made-up.”

“We should follow it.”

You begin to stalk the unicorn. The forest is green and sticky, slowly turning into thicker deeper branches. It is getting dark and colder. Sludgy mud squishes under your bare feet. You hear the water before you see it. Ella leads the way, out of thicker woods, to a river, and there you see a waterfall crashing into an idyllic pool. The unicorn is drinking, it looks up, looks right at you, and bucks. A roll of parchment flies from its back across the pond and lands on the grass. The unicorn runs off.

Do you

a) chase the unicorn?


b) open the parchment?

Congratulations to all of the writers from each workshop. And thank you for bringing your glorious imaginations. 


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