Springing Into Writing

We started our Spring Into Writing Workshops today with 24 young writers signed up for Poetry with Pictures and Pick-a-Path Storytelling. The only rule given was to have fun!  And guess what… everyone followed the rule!

The wonderful and award-winning poet, Gail Ingram, led the Poetry Workshop where the children started with a “scribble” picture and found the hidden images they would need for their poems. Here are a few of the poems that were discovered during this process. Can you picture this?

 Marshmallow Forest by Harrison, age 9

trees crowd around me

the wind whistles as it blows

through the leaves

I am as calm and quiet as a statue

I tiptoe through a forest

filled with the wonderful aroma of


I want to stay

to eat them all and play

in the leaves.


and dragonflies

flutter around my face

and they are part of nature

just like me.


The Colour Scribble by Florence age 8

water drops from

the leaves

the ants

lime green, full and happy

leaf triangles

full of excitement

because nature’s here.


The Three Ghosts by Amber, age 9

distant fading cries

swirl like a world of disaster

where three ghosts all giving emotions

that lead to immortal sorrow

throw souls

into a lonely world

they will take you deeper in

and you can’t get out.


The Leaping Dolphin by Anna, age 9

The smell of salty water,

a dolphin leaps in

the moonlight.

The setting

of the ocean and its sea snails, salmon and starfish,

a dolphin’s habitat.


Sea Mumbles by Chloe, age 10

feathery fronds dance in the wind

silky satiny butterfly wings

mysterious eyes beckon me closer

a rushing wind

shrieks, whistles, moans

dying down to a soft murmur


call and cry

the sea whispers secrets

that are


to anything

you have ever heard

as you clamber over


to see

and answer

your question

as the sun goes down

a voice fills your ears

to go with the strange eyes

it mumbles

Who are you?




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